DS-51-DIA HST® (93 mm)


Available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
  • A perfect match of fan and motor design
  • Brand new motor design meets the high torque requirements of the 12 bladed rotor
  • Highest efficiency of 70-71% (fan-motor-controller) notwithstanding the high torque concept long flying times plus high power input without damages or overheating
  • 12-bladed rotor for lower rpm and high flow deflection CFRP-Aluminum design with ultra-thin rotor blades and high modulus carbon fiber shroud
  • Perfect true running because of collet rotor mount
  • 3-phase wiring perfectly integrated at the fan shroud
  • Two different motor options
  • Add-ons for your individual requirements: special bearing for longer durability, strengthened and abrasion-resistant blades for sandy fields, and for several HST types we offer special magnets for jet model flying in warmer regions

Engineered and made in Germany

Tech Specs

DS-51-DIA HST® with DSM4335-950
Casing Inside Diameter 93 mm
Fan Swept Area 51 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 590 g
Static Thrust Range 41-59 N
Exhaust Speed 82-98 m/s
RPM Range 29,300-34,800 rpm
Electrical Input Power 2.4-4.1 kW
Recommended Battery 10-12S 4500 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 70-71%
DS-51-DIA HST® with DSM4341-1050
Casing Inside Diameter 93 mm
Fan Swept Area 51 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 640 g
Static Thrust Range 53-76 N
Exhaust Speed 93-111 m/s
RPM Range 33,100-39,400 rpm
Electrical Input Power 3.5-6.0 kW
Recommended Battery 10-12S 6000 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 70-71%


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