DS-215-DIA HST® (195 mm)


  • This new class of 195 mm electric fans achieves a static thrust of up to 250 N at 15 kW of power
  • Optimized impeller efficiency (CFD)
  • Optimize engine efficiency (CEM)
  • High reliability components (FEM)
  • Our unique hollow aluminum shaft ensures a very high resonance point
  • The newly developed patented internal rotor design drives the impeller with a powerful 10 Nm of torque
  • Ventilated by our patented air cooling system
  • 195 mm fan containment made of high-performance fibers for maximum safety and impact protection

Engineered and made in Germany

Tech Specs

DS-215-DIA HST® with DSM10066-290
Casing Inside Diameter 195 mm
Fan Swept Area 215 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 3400 g
Static Thrust Range 215-250 N
Exhaust Speed 84-98 m/s
RPM Range 12,000-14,000 rpm
Electrical Input Power 9.8-15.6 kW
Recommended Battery 12-14S 20000 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 78%


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