DS-130-DIA HST® (152 mm)


Available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
  • This 152 mm fan fills the gap between the 128 mm 98HST and the 195 mm 215HST
  • The highest quality HST fan in the 150 mm class
  • CEM optimized 10-pole motor with patented hybrid design
  • High quality carbon fibre and aluminium components
  • Ultra-stiff aluminium hollow shaft
  • Ventilated by the patented Schübeler aircooling
  • Super high thrust-weight ratio

Engineered and made in Germany

Tech Specs

DS-130-DIA HST® with DSM 7857-470
Casing Inside Diameter 152 mm
Fan Swept Area 130 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 1750 g
Static Thrust Range 135–175 N
Exhaust Speed 92–105 m/s
RPM Range 17,500–20,000 rpm
Electrical Input Power 8.0–12.0 kW
Recommended Battery 12–14S 14000 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 76–74%


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